West Financial Management


Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

For you to fill in
and return

Discovery Meeting


Summary Letter


Financial Advice

Research & recommendation.
£500 charge.

2nd Meeting

with suitability report.
Fixed fee
less £ 500 paid


Implementation of Financial Planning recommendations


Client Care Service

Ongoing service:
Optimum, Annual
or Standard

How We Are Paid

We like to be upfront and honest about our charges, so here’s a guide to the journey a West Financial Management client can expect:

1. We send you a pre-meeting questionnaire to fill in and return. This helps us prepare for our initial meeting and save time in getting to the heart of the matter.

2. Next we have a discovery meeting to find out more about each other and identify what needs to be done. There’s no charge here; we’ll spend as long as it takes to get to know you and explore your goals.

3. Then we send you a summary letter, clarifying what we’ve discussed during our meeting. There’s no charge for this, either.

4. We then undertake the necessary research to provide impartial recommendations. At this point, there’ll be a charge of £500.

5. Then we need to have a second meeting to go through our recommendations and a suitability report. The fee for this will vary according to how much work is involved, but the £500 you have already paid will be deducted from the total.

6. Following our second meeting, we will implement the plans and carry out all the necessary paperwork, keeping you informed all the way.

7. We never leave a client stranded: we offer ongoing services so that we can review the plans we’ve put in place and make amendments if they’re needed. We offer three levels of client care: Optimum, Annual or Standard.

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