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Business Protection

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, limited company, limited liability partnership (LLP) you need to review your business liabilities for partnership protection, share holder protection and key man protection cover.

We can advise if necessary, in conjunction with your solicitor, to ensure that the cash/money/capital is available in the event of death to provide the peace of mind for the surviving individual, partner/s or shareholder/s.

We do not recommend that you rely on your bank for additional borrowing at this time as the surviving family member, partner, share holder/s, not only would be emotionally disturbed, but the bank/s may view additional borrowing as an extra/additional a risk at this time.

Key Man Protection Cover

This can be used to help cover loss of profits on the demise of a key person i.e. creative director, talented architect, gifted design engineer.

Family Business

Sometimes business protection can get overlooked. We recommend an independent review for your own unique situation.

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Personal Protection

In the early stages of building wealth, we believe it’s sensible to organise cover for any financial liabilities. The peace of mind that comes from being protected is a benefit that some of our clients wouldn’t be without.

Critical illness insurance

In the event that you suffer a specific medical condition (this might include cancer, a heart attack or a stroke), we aim to help out with organising cover that will be paid after you have survived for 28 days.

Income protection insurance

We aim to assist in the organisation of income protection insurance that may buffer your finances should you suffer a financial loss through sickness or disability.

Depending on your situation, we may be able to help you organise cover for up to two thirds of your current gross income (less any state benefits or any other income).

Life cover/family protection

It’s never pleasant to consider the needs of your family in the event of your passing, however it’s a necessary consideration and one through which we’re here to guide you. This type of protection provides a lump sum or income to the surviving partner, so that they can continue to support the family in the event of your death.

Mortgage protection

We will offer you advice on organising a mortgage protection plan that may cover your mortgage commitments under certain circumstances. This can bring significant peace of mind, especially when you have a large mortgage and a family to support.

Our services include providing advice on:

  • Life Cover – level term assurance, decreasing term assurance, mortgage term assurance

  • Whole of life

  • Income Protection Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

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