West Financial Management


Regular Reviews

When you attend an initial consultation with us, we’ll go through the various ongoing services that we provide. Financial planning is rarely a one-off consideration and regular reviews are important for keeping your financial planning on track.

Client Care Services

As part of our continued commitment to our clients’ needs, we offer ongoing services such as:

  • Structured reviews with the aim of providing priceless peace of mind

  • An assessment of your circumstances and suggested amendments to your plans that meet any changing needs

  • Regular updates and information regarding your holdings

  • A choice of various service levels depending on your needs

  • Ongoing support with correspondence and administrative issues

We offer various levels of client care so you can choose the package that suits you best. Choose from:

  • Transactional only (at no cost)

  • Standard Service (from £50)

  • Annual Service (from £750)

  • Optimum Service (from £1,500)

The charges listed above can be deducted from your investments or paid directly by you.

The details of what’s included in these packages are outlined in our Terms of Engagement. We will talk to you and agree a level of ongoing service at the time of, or prior to, making our recommendation(s).

Typically, our costs range from 0.5% to 1% per annum and are based on the value of your investment(s) at each 12-month anniversary, and are paid monthly/annually in arrears.

In some cases, it’s not compulsory to sign up to a client care package if you do not feel it’s necessary. However, clients with investments of £100,000 or more must commit to an Annual Service at the least.

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